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Select the Right Machine

Decisions don’t start with our products. They start with your needs.
Selecting the right machine tool starts with “Discovery.” It is the careful analysis of your specific business problem to arrive at the best possible machine solution. Choosing the right machine and peripherals means knowing not only your manufacturing and material requirements, but also how they fit within your entire operation. Your Milltronics distributor is ready to help you carefully define the job and match it with the right tools to deliver the quality, efficiency and productivity you need for maximum profit.
Along with initial “Discovery” comes detailed “Specification:”

  • What is the material to be machined? Hard or soft?
  • What are the parts drawing or prototype specifications?
    • How big is it?
    • What shape is it?
    • Will it be milled, lathed, drilled, bored or threaded?
    • How tight are the tolerances?
  • What are your desired setup and turn times?
  • What are your desired output speed, quality and quantity requirements?
  • What are your minimummachine tool duty” rating requirements?

With precise specifications and your own product research, you will be prepared to work closely with your Milltronics distributor asking the hard questions to get the necessary answers that match your specific requirements to the right machine.
No CNC machine turns material into a finished product by itself. Choosing the right machine requires a strategic approach. That means seeing every manufacturing operation as an “integrated system” in which all its components work together for maximum productivity and efficiency. The right CNC machine is part of a system that should:

  • Require minimum operator training
  • Provide a powerful controller with easy to learn programming
  • Include all essential tooling, fixtures and peripherals

All the system components must work together to make every second count. The more matched the system components, the more it can be managed for faster cycle times and increased profitability.
The strategic approach to machine investment decisions means that they must always be made within context with your entire operation.

  • Will this machine expand tool-room capabilities or support mainline production?
  • Do you need maximum flexibility or maximum speed?
  • Which machine will meet most of your operational requirements without being more machine than you really need – or can afford?

It’s all about getting the facts in the beginning stages and partnering with your distributor to find the best solution.
Last but not least, your distributor must provide not only prompt delivery and installation, but also the essential training and responsive follow-up support you need to meet your manufacturing objectives? Milltronics calls it Support ONE. It’s our commitment to work continually with our distribution partners innovating new ways to seamlessly surround our customers with the reliable full life-cycle products and support they need to make great products.