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CNC Control Parts and Repair Service

Milltronics provides its customers with full life-cycle repair support for machines dating back to 1990.

All Milltronics repairs  come with a full warranty ranging from 30 to 90 days depending on the parts and service required. Repair times vary; however, rush repair options are often available. Please inquire with the parts department for availability and pricing. We also offer the option of using either new or used parts depending availability.

Supported CNC controls include:
• Centurion 1
• Centurion 5
• Centurion 6
• Centurion 7
• 7200 Series
• 8200 Series
• 8200-B Series

Machine Repairs

Repair services include, but are not limited to:
• Motherboards
• NCB boards
• Single board computer upgrades
• Power supply
• Video boards
• Acro boards
• Keypad encoder boards
• Analog to digital convertor boards
• Backlight inverter boards
• Chip replacement
• Interfaces
• Logic boards.
• General troubleshooting

Machine Repairs - Components

Before sending your control in for repair, it’s important to specify what’s wrong with the control to help our technicians duplicate the problem. Using an environment controller our repair department will stress test the control, identify the exact cause of failure and determine the repair work required.
All control repairs require a Returns Good Authorization (RGA) number prior to shipment for repair. Be sure to obtain an RGA number from our parts department. Once a number has been assigned, complete the repair form and include it with your shipment to:

Milltronics USA, Inc.
Attn. Repairs / RGA # ______________
2920 Fortune Circle West – Suite C
Indianapolis, IN 46241 USA