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Productivity Software

ChipBoss™ Software

New optional software from Milltronics uses proprietary algorithms to calculate toolpaths and control the maximum allowable cutter engagement resulting in:

  • Faster cycle times
  • Better tool life
  • More accurate parts
  • Cycle times can be reduced by as much as 50%  (or more) and 3-5 times better tool life
  • Part accuracy can improve through reduction in tool deflection

ChipBossTM uses trochoidal milling strategies with deeper depths of cut and smaller step overs:

  • Feed rates can be much higher than what conversational users are used to experiencing.
  • Reduces the number of times a machine needs to accelerate and decelerate – “less wear and tear”
  • Includes “Rest Roughing” – automatically calculates the areas to be machined and uses a smaller cutter to get just those areas that can’t be cut with larger tool, saving even more time.

How it Works

To begin with, consider first a typical conversational program:

  • To avoid overheating the tool the operator typically uses multiple incremental depth cuts
  • Uses slower feeds and speeds
  • Often needs to use coolant (not always desired)
  • With incremental depth cuts, usually only the tip of the tool
    is used
  • The majority of the useable flute length is being wasted

Rest Roughing

Use Rest Roughing to further improve cycle times:

  • Select a large diameter tool to efficiently remove bulk material, followed by a smaller diameter tool to get what the larger tool can’t reach
  • Rest cycle does just the “rest” areas, no need to re-cut entire profile
  • All automatic – just select from drop down menu and the software calculates everything for you
Rest Roughing

Milltronics Shop View

Machine monitoring, communications and diagnostics at the tips of your fingers. With Milltronics Shop View (MSV) you have instant access to your machine’s status including programs, set-ups, digital readout, live snap shots of machine cutting video, spindle load, spindle hours, machine events log, file transfers, alarms and more— even when you’re not there!

MSV uses advanced cloud based monitoring, communication and diagnostics technology through an internet connection to your machine.

MSV is conveniently hosted in the cloud by Milltronics servers and eliminates the need of extensive IT infrastructure or expertise at your shop. All you need to do is point your PC, tablet or smart phone to msv.milltronics.com. The MSV platform is hosted on a secure network which users are able to log in and access their account through a responsive website with end-to-end encryption.MSV is compatible with Milltronics 9000 Series CNC controls or 8200-B


  • Industry 4.0 and MTConnect compliant
  • Sortable and searchable dashboard list for quick selection
  • Machine dashboard shows live data
  • Tab view allows enlarged images/videos of screens
  • Searchable machine file directory, registry and event logs
  • Machine settings allow a user defined name to be entered to easily identify program or part running
Shop View
Milltronics Shop View (MSV) feature gives users instant access to their machine’s status from anywhere. The snapshot shown above show the control screen and table setup.

Digital Setup Assistant

Optional Software Feature FAQ

Digital Set-Up Assistant (DSA) uses Wi-Fi to make a cell phone or tablet an extension of the user’s control. This optional software feature allows an operator to reduce setup time by easily accessing photos of parts and workholding, set-up data, tooling info and more.

How does DSA improve efficiency?

  • Users can easily document part setup instructions for others to reference.
  • Stores part-related files grouped as packages for easy recall.
  • Packages associated with selected parts are automatically recalled and displayed.
  • Part Setup Information is readily available on hand-held device.
Digital Setup Assistance
DSA uses Wi-Fi to make a cell phone or tablet an extension of the user’s control.

What kind of information does DSA store and display?

User Generated

  • Textual Notes
  • Photos/Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs

Automatically Generated

  • 3D Solid model rendering of finished part
  • Run statistics
  • Tools used in the part program
  • Part Program Edit and Run history

How does DSA differ from MSV?

Digital Setup Assistant

Assist in Setting up Parts

  • Part-Centric Information
  • Peer-to-Peer Intranet Networking
  • App-Based

Milltronics Shop View

View the Status of Machines in your Shop

  • Machine-Centric Information
  • Cloud-Based Internet Networking
  • Web-Based
DSA stores and displays user generated and automatically generated program information.

Bi-Directional Turning Cycle

Milltronics Bi-Direction Conversational Turning:

  • Improving productivity by up to 60%
  • Increases tool life.
  • Improves surface finish.

Improve turning speed and efficiency while taking advantage of the latest insert technology allowing for cutting forward and reverse, down to and up from.

Your Milltronics Control on the Cutting Edge!

Bi-Directional Turning Cycle
Bi-Directional cutting improved productivity by up to 60%