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NEW XP Series

New XP Series

We’ve added another new Series to our VMC line up! Last year, we added the VM Series of Vertical Machining Centers, then the VM-IL Series of Inline High-Performance machines. Now, we’re proud to announce our new XP-Series of #50 taper machines for heavy-duty applications – XP for eXtra Power.
The new XP Series includes three models, the VR4325XP, the VM5025XP and the VM6030XP – all featuring the new Milltronics Series 9000 control.
The VR4325XP, a medium-travel box way machine that features a 6,000 rpm two-speed geared head with 35 hp and almost 1,200 ft lbs. of torque, has travels of 43”(x) by 25.5”(y) by 23.6”(z). It has a 24 station swing-arm ATC. The machine comes standard with a coolant ring, washdown system and chip auger.
The VM5025XP is larger and has travels of 50”(x) by 25”(y) by 24”(z). The VM6030XP is the biggest XP with travels of 60”(x) by 30”(y) by 24”(z). Both the VM5025XP and VM6030XP feature massive castings and oversized 45 mm linear motion guide cross roller ways. Standard is an 8,000 rpm heavy-duty belt driven 24 hp dual wound spindle that generates 255 ft lbs. of torque. There is an option for a 35 hp version that generates 365 ft. lbs. of torque. Both models feature a 30 station swing arm ATC. Also included is a coolant ring, washdown system and lift-up chip conveyor as standard equipment.
The Series 9000 control runs on an Intelâ Dual Core i5-3610ME 64 bit processor and offers 4 GB memory, 120 GB disk storage, 2 USB ports and an enlarged 15” LCD color touch screen. An optional feature for the Series 9000 is Milltronics Shop View (MSV), which allows users to access machine status and collect usage and diagnostic info per Industry 4.0. MSV is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed with a PC, tablet or smartphone.
For a limited time… With the purchase of a VR4325XP, VM5025XP or VM6030XP we’ll include a complimentary CTS system while supplies last!